Gary's Buck

 This is a true story about a friend of mine who has hunted whitetail deer for many years and who, in the fall of 2006, shot his trophy buck.  Gary's trophy buck was harvested during Minnesota's shotgun season.  He shot this magnificent trophy deer just south of the Twin Cites metropolitan area, not far from his family home.

The Hunt

 The first week of hunting had been unseasonably warm for November in Minnesota, the temperatures had been in the upper 60's and even into the 70's.  Now the second weekend of Minnesota's firearm deer season had just ended and cool weather had finally arrived.  It was Tuesday morning, the 14th, a cool calm had set in.  Gary had gone out of his home to one of his favorite hunting spots. 

He had with him his Remington model 870 pump shot-gun, with a rifled slug barrel and open sites.  He had just settled in when he noticed this huge trophy deer about a hundred yards off.  He had seen this same large trophy deer last season, but got no shot at it then.  He was determined to get this trophy deer and this was an opportunity of a lifetime.  He moved carefully and slowly, turned as he raised his shotgun.  His heart had to be thumping; he took careful aim and squeezed a round off.  The huge trophy whitetail deer dropped in it's tracks.  "This one is going on the wall", he said to himself.  Then after some serious excitement; he thought to himself, "I just hope Lori (Gary's beautiful wife) understands the desire and need for having a full shoulder mount done of this majestic trophy deer and what it means to me."  After all, only about 1 percent of whitetail deer hunters experience harvesting a trophy deer like this.

Hunters Gather To Bond

 It didn't take long for word of Gary's huge buck to get out.  He called for some help to hang it.  Walla!  In just a couple of short hours his garage was full of family and friends admiring his trophy deer and all wishing that someday they could harvest such a huge trophy deer. 

 Deer Hunting Flashlights

 Deer hunting flashlights come in many varieties and sizes for your needs. Some cheap, and some expensive. When deer hunting, the hunter wants a deer hunting flashlight that is dependable, light weight, and works well. A hunting flashlight that illuminates a trail well on a hunters way to his or her hunting area, and back after the days hunt is over while walking in the dark.

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After The Shot

At times a whitetail deer hunter will need to trail a wounded deer in the dark after legal shooting hours.  This is when it may be critical that you have a high quality, long lasting flashlight that let's you really see the blood-trail of the deer you shot.  A new hunting flashlight that just came out this year is by Gerber, called "Carnivore Blood Light". 

This hunting flashlight is specifically designed for highlighting blood droplets.  I have used it and it seems to make the blood droplets stand out clearly against almost any background.   By using this type of hunting flashlight; your trailing of a wounded whitetail deer just got a little easier.

With good hunting equipment like this Gerber "Carnivore Blood Light", a deer hunter can expect to recover a wounded deer sooner and more often.  It may lead to less lost deer in the dark; while giving the deer hunter the confidence he or she needs to stay on the blood trail and not give up when that deer may be just a few yards away.  This in turn will lead to less spoiled deer meat as a hunter will track it down sooner and not have come back the next day and pick up a cold trail.  A trail that may have been washed away with a night of rain, or covered by snow.